Poker Book Review: Kill Phil, The Fast Track to Success in No Limit Hold’em Tournaments


As a complete time on the web tournament poker player, I am always ready to accept new theories, opinions and strategies. Today whether you accept the tips presented in this poker book, it’s a need to be aware of your competitor’s comprehension and recognize their own plans too. Some which clearly will be derived from novels like this from the years to come.

Nelson and Rodman are specialists at this match and each comes with an outstanding list of good results. Within this publication, they contribute about the newcomer player an easy way to implement in No Limit Hold’em Tournaments. Having used these strategies themselves, wellthey understand of what they’re written. The premise of the Kill Phil strategy is twofold. 1- simply take full advantage of betting all of your stack (it is No Limit after all) always, therefore hiding the true strength of your hands, and 2- Negate post-flop play which is normally the domain of stronger players.

The reasoning this is, that any and every time you dewapoker are all in, and a thought favorite, your potential to build an enormous stack is extremely realistic. Furthermore, even in the event that you go all in with the prescribed hands and also wind up supporting, you wont be much of an underdog. The book shows in detail how certain hands which you’ll not want to really go allin with, stand good chances to simply take down a enormous pot.

The Kill Phil Strategy is essentially a by product of the way that tournament formats are all traditionally structured. This strategy was initially introduced in David Sklanksy’s Tournament Poker for Advanced Players, but Nelson and Rodman break it down and make alterations for pile sizes and standing, while also introducing some advanced theories, which the novice championship player could introduce into his match with some experience.

The authors do an excellent job of explaining that particular poker tournament strategy, giving confidence to some new poker tournament player. As a seasoned individual I’d find several flaws in the device, that do not take away from the writing and the ample quantity of desktop advice contained here. Personally I could not use this formula, because a large portion of my game is post flop aggression. At the same time, if you employ theses approaches in a very low entry fee on the web championship, well let us say you will get laughed out of Dodge. I’ve seen such characters plus so they NEVER win on the web. Players like myself line up drooling for the perfect moment to shoot these chumps down.

But as I mentioned earlier, being keen to new notions is part of improving and growing since player. The authors present an fantastic short heap strategy that can be incorporated in to most players’ matches, and that I’m fond of using. Hey, whenever you obtain two players this good, clunking heads, odds, and strategies together, give them the 25 bucks and read their publication.

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